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Television - Official Host: Cyber City - the first continuous LIVE Internet Global Television broadcast from The Taste of Chicago. Included ten LIVE interviews per day & one 1 hour The Thomas Pecora Show LIVE daily broadcast across 10 days total. Webcast LIVE via the Internet from The Taste of Chicago to the World. Also partially responsible for content. Attendance: 3 million+.

Radio - Producer & Host: The Thomas Pecora Show (94.3FM Fox Radio - Chicago/Elgin). Heard via radio in Chicago & Webcast LIVE via the WWW to 200+ foreign countries. Program website over 40 million visitors. (Debut: 6/3/96)

Music - Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Performer/Sound Designer/Producer/Record Label Owner. 1st album Playing With Fire in release, 2nd album currently in production. Holds 300+ copyrights for Words, Music, Arrangements. Three national-level songwriting awards. Recording Producer, Artist/Group Management, & Consultant/Supervisor for a variety of music related projects. LIVE performer since age 11.

Books - Author: Short story Family Reunion, released on Putnam, (worldwide). From the book: Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul. Co-editor and writer for 2 separate magazines/newspapers.

Astrology - Intuitive Jungian-based Psychological Astrologer. Grandmaster: 40+ years experience,
4,500+ consultations, International Clientele.
Clients Include: Fortune 500 companies, politicians,
CEOs, brokers, traders, organizations, celebrities & individuals. Corporate Intuitive.

Internet - Website Designer, Internet Consultant, PC/Software/Hardware/On-Line Security Consultant.

Host/MC: The Chicago Whole Life Expo, the largest exposition of its kind nationally.

Teacher - Created and led numerous “Personal Power and Life Transformation” day-long Workshops and Seminars in large lecture halls as well as private intimate groups.

Music Instructor - Taught numerous instruments, songwriting, the business aspects of the music industry; contracts, copyrights, artist management, booking, merchandising, publicity, branding, art direction, etc.

Personal Power Consultant / Life Transformation Coach / Motivational Speaker.

Spirit - Extensive life long Experiential Training on most of the known and Traditional Spiritual Pathways; Kabbalah, Zen, Christian Mystic, Native American, Tibetan Buddhism, Esoteric Philosophy, Chi, Kundalini Yoga, & more.

Self-employed since age 16. Created, owned, & operated numerous businesses.

Entrepreneur - "I create, therefore I am."  (ENTJ)

About Thomas Pecora

Thomas Pecora is a “Personal Power Consultant” and “
Life Transformation Coach” working with individuals and groups to assist them in the process of re-discovering their own unique tools that will put them “in the driver's seat” of their own lives, oftentimes for the first time. His work is extremely powerful, quickly absorbed, and above all, permanent. His many clients include major corporations, businesses, politicians, CEOs, brokers, traders, organizations, celebrities and individuals.

In June of 1996 he launched The Thomas Pecora Show via traditional and Internet radio in order to share with the public some of what he has learned and experienced. The program is currently on hiatus after seeing it expand to over 200 foreign countries accessed via the Internet with its website having over 40 million visitors.

Mr. Pecora's guests read like a Who's Who of the Human Empowerment Movement: Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Andrew Weil, John Bradshaw, Neil Donald Walsch, Arun Gandhi, James Redfield, Wallace Black Elk, Sogyal Rinpoche, Marianne Williamson, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj and many others have each made several appearances on Thomas' program. Archived interviews can be heard either streamed or downloaded from the program's Official Website. The Website address is:

In 2007 and again in 2009 the Directors of The Heritage Registry of Who's Who™ announced the inclusion of Mr. Pecora in their 2007-2008 and 2009-2010 Editions in recognition of his accomplishments and achievements in the Mass Media Industry with The Thomas Pecora Show. The Heritage Registry of Who's Who™, a New York based biographical publication, selects and distinguishes prominent individuals throughout North America who have attained a recognizable degree of success in their field of endeavor and thereby contribute to the growth of their industry.

Mr. Pecora currently splits his time between Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., New York, and South Beach where he provides private consultations in addition to his speaking and media appearances.

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