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Everything I am about to tell you is absolutely true. Because it is a highly personal account concerning a Native American Sacred Ceremony, I feel that it must be added that no Sacred Medicines or any other outside physical agencies were employed that might alter consciousness in any way. At the time of the experience, I was in the clearest of mind, lucid and peaceful, devoid of apprehension or expectation.

My first contact with Duke Joseph Big Feather was over the phone. A common friend of ours named Danny mentioned that he knew someone he felt I might have a connection with, and handed me the phone number. As an intuitive astrologer, I thought it might be intriguing to cast and interpret the birth chart of a Native American Spiritual Leader, as that is what Big Feather is. Up until that time, I had not yet had that particular opportunity. So one evening, just after 9:00 PM, and pretty much on what I thought was a whim, I made the call. The connection was immediate, as Big Feather "felt" extremely familiar. He also wasted no time letting me know what he thought my current life issues were. This I am not used to. As an intuitive from birth, I am accustomed to being the reader. The fact that he was going right to the heart of various personal and psychological matters, and with such ease and accuracy, took me by surprise and forced me to stop and think. At the end of our conversation he asked if I would calculate his chart, along with some specific charts for future points in time, and stop over in four days. Of course, I said yes, even though I "knew" there was much more to all this than how it appeared.

Four days later I find myself sitting across the table from Big Feather, numerous charts spread out before us, and very much in a type of "stream of consciousness", accessing and interpreting energy as I go, and not retaining most of it once it is spoken. This is my way. When itís finished and the energies begin to dissipate, I look up and notice that Big Feather has his eyes trained on me, and unblinking he nods his head twice and says "Aho". As I reconnect to myself, I realize that Iím the one whoís got some questions now.

Duke Joseph Big Feather is the Spiritual Leader of an inter-tribal group called The Two Feathers Medicine Clan. They were formed in the early 1800ís, although their original work and traditions precede that date by centuries. They were brought together by some very well known Native Americans of their time, including Medicine People and Spiritual Elders, with the sole intention to be the Caretakers of Ancient and Sacred Artifacts, Ceremonies, Traditions, Medicines, Burial Grounds, etc., which needed immediate protection for future generations and earth cycles. Because I have come to understand that my own spiritual traditions are primarily Tibetan, including my inner family and guides, I found the parallels to suddenly make perfect sense. Thus the immediate familiarity. In many ways, the Native Americans and the Tibetans have shared the same hardships and challenges. Thatís why I love the word, "coincidence". To me, itís just another way of saying, "pay attention".

At the close of our meeting, Big Feather asked me once more if I would return four days hence at 8:00 PM. I thought this interesting, and so once again I said yes.

Now the rest I do remember quite clearly. It was the evening of January 26, 1996. There was one of those incredible Chicago winter blizzards whipping up, and the wind was literally howling. Between the snow and the high winds on the expressway, my car was being tossed about so much that I had to pay very close attention just to stay on the road. I kept asking myself what was I doing. After all, I barely knew any of these individuals as little as a week ago. One very odd thing did occur at this point however. Because of the blizzard, and the fact that it takes at least one hour to make the journey, I left at exactly 6:37 PM. (By this time I was making mental notes of the exact time lines in order to later construct charts). The odd "coincidence" was that the moment I pulled into the lot, I looked at the clock, and it said 8:00 PM, on the dot.

As I got out of the car, I was immediately hit by a gust of wind that almost knocked me over. It was pitch dark, except for some large glowing orange embers flying out of the chimney. A fireplace was obviously roaring somewhere inside, and the swirling and violently blowing embers against a pitch black winter sky made me once again feel like something "Real" was about to occur. This was very high earth energy that I must admit I have not experienced since.

The moment I arrived inside the house, I realized something serious was happening. The atmosphere was completely different from the previous visit a few days ago. First of all, there were other Native Americans there. They were just sitting, watching me with a sort of nonchalant disinterested interest. It was not curiosity. It was something else. All of them completely non-judgmental, and with the slightest detection of what looked like a grin. I was not at all anxious, just curious, unlike them. I must admit however, I was not too wild about those grins.

Duke Joseph Big Feather introduced me to the group as, "This is the one I was telling you about". This did in fact rattle me a bit, so I just grinned back. Then he made the introductions. Joining us that evening were Cindy Crow Woman, (President and Clan Mother), Jomary Wildflower, (member), She Dog, (a female member about seven years old, being trained in the ways of Medicine), and Roger, (the drummer for this Ceremony and an extended family member). Six in all, including myself. I did not know I was there to take part in a high Spiritual Ceremony. Nor did I know I was to be the subject of this Ceremony. I must admit that I expected it a little, but I thought it best to just go with the flow. If I wasnít supposed to be there, I wouldnít be there. After some brief comments and explanations, Big Feather gets up and says, "All right, letís get started".

The next thing I know we are going into an adjacent room, twice the size, and having the distinct atmosphere that this was a Sacred space, a space where the Work is done.

It was very difficult to see at first, as there is only one dim red light in the corner. The first thing I did notice however, with a slight instinctual sense of alarm, was that a special place has been set aside on the floor for me. There was a blanket to lay on, a decorated buffalo skull on the floor just above the pillow where my head was to go, and a great number of items. Sacred Objects I assumed. It was obvious we would be bringing some Ancestral Spirits through to "check me out".

I laid down and had placed on me, as well as under both arms, different items belonging to the Spirits when they were physically here on earth, as well as other very old articles of one significance or another. Once this process was completed, I was covered chin to toes with a heavy deer skin, and then one large heavy necklace was placed over the deer skin and around my shoulders and chest. I was then told that there would be some very loud Traditional and Sacred Spirit Songs played, while Roger played along on the drum, and all I had to do was go to sleep. I have to admit, although there were many, many things I could have done at that time, sleep was probably not one of them.

The songs were coming from loudspeakers placed in the four ceiling quarters of the room. As the music and the drumming got louder, I realized that the women were quickly fanning my entire body head to toe with some sort of feathers. What felt like an incredible wind begins to pick up all around me, no doubt caused by the frantic fanning of the feathers.

And then it beginsÖ

The inner Visions start. These are NOT visualizations or the wanderings of the imagination. These are detailed, sharper than life Visions. I can move within them, examining them at will from any angle. They also come complete with their own sort of information and emotion. Very clear Sight, Sound, Information, and Emotion. Not separate, but as ONE. I am shown many things. First are the North American Plains Indians before the arrival of the Europeans. There are tipis as far as the eye can see. Clear gray smoke rises up into a cloudless blue sky. Children are playing, women are laughing, men are talking to one another in various parts of the city. And a true city it is. The primary thought pattern here is one of absolute Harmony.

Harmony with Universal Law, with each other, and especially with Mother Earth. There literally is no separation between the people and their environment. Although I am trying my best to convey it all here, there are no adequate words to truly describe the beauty.

Just when it seems like I can get lost in the Vision itself, something very odd happens.

Coming in from my right are a group of Spiritual Elders who I identify as being Tibetan. They are wearing their traditional burgundy colored robes, and there is an immediate recognition between us. Just as quickly as the recognition is made, I can see on my left a similar group, but this time made up of Native American Spiritual Elders. They too are clothed in attire appropriate for their traditions. There is a definite sense of greeting between the two Spiritual groups, as they begin to very rapidly exchange information. It would appear that they are already familiar with one another. It was at this time that one more very interesting physical phenomenon began to occur.

I began to have the physical sensation of an older womanís fingers slowly touching my right shoulder. Itís as if she wants to know more about me, but without frightening me in any way. The touch was extremely gentle and infinitely wise, and as I alluded to before, it carried the vibration of an Elder Medicine Woman. It felt similar to a spider crawling on my shoulder. Because Crow Woman was on my right, I assumed it was her and part of the Ceremony. Then I remembered I was covered up with a heavy deer skin, and the fingers felt as though they were literally on my exposed skin. Slowly I opened my right eye just a sliver and looked over. There was nothing there. Nothing at all, except the feeling of the old womanís fingers. Then the pressure started. First down then up. Again gentle. Like someone pushing a soft cylindrical object on me. First on my chest, then on my stomach. Down then up. Down then up. All three continued for about ten minutes. I opened my eyes again to see who was pushing on my solar plexus and my heart center, but again as before, no one was there.

Then towards the end of the Ceremony, I kept hearing the phrase repeating louder and louder, "We are many. We are strong", and the Spirits departed. It was as if a very ancient agreement had been awakened at the appointed time. Thatís how it felt. To this day I do not have conscious knowledge of all the details, but the Work would appear to be right on schedule, as followsÖ

Very recently, I was asked by a very well known Native American Spiritual Elder for the phone number of the Dalai Lamaís Tibetan contact person at the United Nations in New York City. This contact person is the only individual authorized to co-ordinate His Holinessí United States schedule. It would appear that the Native Americans and the Tibetans are joining together to reconnect and assist one another in their Work.

As above, so below.

In closing, I can only say that I was truly humbled and honored to be a witness to this Spiritual Family Reunion.

Tashi Deleck
Mitakuye Oyasin

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