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Deepak Chopra, m.d., Internationally acclaimed East-West mind-body pioneer and Mega-selling author.

Wayne Dyer, Ph.D., best-selling author Your Erroneous Zones, (55 million+ copies worldwide), and many others.


Andrew Weil, m.d., best-selling author Spontaneous Healing and 8 Weeks to Optimum Health, and many others.


John Bradshaw, Ph.D., author Homecoming, (#1 for 52 weeks, NY Times), Family Secrets, & other best-sellers.


Marianne Williamson, author A Return to Love, (NY Times 35 weeks & 5th largest American book 1992), & others.


Neale Donald Walsch, best-selling author Conversations With God, Books 1, (#3 globally for ’96) 2 and 3.


James Redfield, best-selling author The Celestine Prophecy, (#1 globally 3 consecutive years), The Tenth Insight.

Michael Drosnin, investigative reporter: NY Times, Washington Post, author of the best-seller The Bible Code.


Edgar Mitchell, Ph.D., Apollo 14 astronaut / sixth man to walk on moon, founder: Institute of Noetic Sciences, author.


Arun Gandhi, Ph.D., author, founder: MK Gandhi Institute for Non-Violence, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi.


James Hillman, Ph.D., author The Soul’s Code, (Pulitzer nominee) & others, studied & worked with CG Jung.


Jean Houston, Ph.D., best-selling author, founder: The Mystery School, co-director: Foundation for Mind Research.


Mickey Hart, drummer/percussionist for The Grateful Dead, Founder: Mystery Box, Grammy winner for solo projects.


William Tiller, Ph.D., former Chairman of Stanford Physics Dept., author, Science & Human Transformation.


Peter Russell, Ph.D., author, degrees: theor. physics, psych. & comp. sci. Cambridge, studied w/Stephen Hawking.


Larry Dossey, m.d., author, Prayer Is Good Medicine, & other best-sellers, pioneer in the Prayer/Healing connection.


Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., m.d., Harvard U., Minding the Body, Mending the Mind, pioneer in Mind/Body medicine.


Eliyahu Rips, Ph.D., Prof. of Mathematics, Hebrew Univ., Jerusalem. Original discoverer of “The Bible Code”.


Elaine Pagels, Ph.D., author The Gnostic Gospels, Princeton Prof./Researcher, expert on: The Nag Hammadi Texts.


James Gimian, publisher: Shambhala Sun, co-leader: The Denma Translation Group, latest trans: The Art of War.

Dan Millman, best-selling author Way of the Peaceful Warrior, and others, feature film release Peaceful Warrior.

Master Stephen Co, U.S. Director: Pranic Healing, internationally renowned lecturer / trainer of Pranic Healing.


Sogyal Rinpoche, Incarnate Tibetan Lama, founder: RIGPA, best-selling author The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.


don Miguel Ruiz, best-selling author The Four Agreements and others, self-empowerment teacher - Toltec Tradition.


Thomas Moore, Ph.D., best-selling author Care of the Soul, The Soul of Sex, Original Self, & others.

Wallace Black Elk, Traditional Lakota Spiritual Elder, speaks at the UN, shaman, best-selling author.


Richard Condon, Senior Program Director: Landmark Education Corp., 20+ years leading The Landmark Forum.


Brian Weiss, m.d., author Many Lives, Many Masters, (#1 in China), pioneer in hypnotic past-life regression.


Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok, Jerusalem trained expert on Jewish Mysticism & Ancient Teachings re: Kabbalah.


Joy Mills, member Theosophical Society since 1940, former International Vice-President, lecturer, author.


Joseph Chasing Horse, Lakota Spiritual Elder, Sundance Chief, Caretaker: Buffalo Nation & Lakota Star Knowledge.

Joan Quigley, Reagan administration astrologer for 7 years, author, What Does Joan Say?, Grandmaster astrologer.

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, founder: Science of Spirituality 2000+ centers & 1 million+ members globally.



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